Nickelodeon, along with Mattel and Climax Studios, have released a new app for the View Master VR Viewer and Google Cardboard. This new app, View-Master Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Virtual Reality, is based on the hit CG animated series which has been airing on the Nickelodeon networks since 2012 which is in turn based on the Mirage Studios comic series, first published in 1984.

A demo of the app is available in the United States via the App Store and Google Play for free. This demo only features the an interactive version of the Turtles’ famous underground swear lair and also includes all four Turtles. The in-app purchase which unlocks the full game is $12.99.

By upgrading to the full game, which can be done through an in-app process or by downloading the app separately, players can experience a variety of new games and missions, ranging from training with Master Splinter to stopping Shredder. Several fan favorite locations also make an interactive appearance and fans can also unlock items from the show.

Also available is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles View-Master®VR Viewer Pack which retails for $49.99, and includes a QR code for which unlocks the full game, a Turtles themed View-Master VR Viewer with shields based on the masks of the Turtles, as well as an original View-Master with a TMNT themed reel. This View-Master is available for individual sale and also comes with a QR code for the game, this retails for $12.99.


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