The annual Facebook F8 developer conference was yesterday, and there were several interesting announcements. The most unique would be a solution for hangout out with friends in virtual reality. Although you might be thinking we should have seen this coming since the social network acquired Oculus a few years back. Introducing Facebook Spaces a new virtual reality application that allows you to hang out with others.

As expected, the Spaces application works with a Facebook account. From there it will look at photos of you and will build a custom avatar, that you can further customize to your liking. This is similar to how you created a Mii on the Wii or your Bitmoji, but through some artificial intelligence to give you a better starting off point.

The possibilities seem to be endless within Spaces regarding what you can do. If you want to hang out alone, there is a quiet area, but you can also invite your friends into the experience. For instance, you can have a Messenger video or audio call in Spaces. Similar to other experiences on the Oculus you can draw in 3D or watch a video amongst friends. Since this is based on your Facebook, you can explore your timeline and news feed– And yes you can react to any post in this VR world.

Facebook Spaces is available now in its beta form from the Oculus Store. You can expect it to change and grow over the coming months as it grows through the beta stage.


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