Since the launch of iOS 10, iMessage Stickers on the iPhone and iPad have become quite popular. They let you get creative with friends in single or group messages, plus you can interact with them. There are many different sticker packs available from the likes of YouTubers to larger brands.

Today, another Pixar Stickers pack hits the iMessage app store, and it is a Cars 3 themed. Rolling out now are 20 new animated stickers that feature many fan-favorite characters and iconic moments from the film series. Characters include Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm, and many others. You can even have Lightning and Mater together. Stickers with catch phrases like “Eat My Dust” or “Ka-Chow” are in this pack as well.

The Pixar Stickers: Cars 3 iMessage app is available today for $1.99.


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