Cord-cutting is competitive and adding to the list of advantages that Sling TV is a new referral program. Now for every new user you get to sign up for the service, you both will get $5 off your next bill. Essentially it is a Refer a Freind program, and while the discount doesn’t get applied forever, it does go to the next billing cycle.

Unlike some other referral services, it makes an impact for both users, as even the person who got referred receives the discounts. It also fits in with Sling TV’s mantra of being a better service and not letting your friends sit back and get overcharged. It will also shine a light on the overall affordability of Sling TV, as the A La Carte TV package starts at just $20 a month, after a seven-day free trial.

From there, customers can choose to keep the service, switch to a different plan, or even add on some additional services. Recently, Sling TV launched their Cloud DVR offerings which put them on par with competitor YouTube TV.


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