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Our friends over at 505 Games have sent us Grease Dance (Xbox 360) for us to review! It works with the Kinect on the Xbox 360. You may have guessed it from the title, but it is another dancing game for the Kinect. These games have been flooding the market, a many of them have been great hits. Is Grease Dance another? You will find out in our full review. Now, let’s get started with the full review of Grease Dance!


Game Mode’s

Grease Dance has many different game modes! It is not just dancing but, it is also karaoke. So you can dance and sing to all of your favorite songs from Grease! First all of the let’s see what songs you have to dance and sing to you get, Grease, You’re the One That I Want, Summer Nights, We Go Together, Greased Lightnin’, Hound Dog, Tutti Frutti, Sandy, Jailhouse Rock, Rock Around The Clock, Born To Hand Jive, and Rock’n’Roll Party Queen. So, basically all of the songs from the movie. Now there are different dance modes. You can dance by yourself, this is a good way to get used tot he controls. Then you have the Multiplayer Modes. First off is Versus, this is when you both do the dance and try to beat one another. The dancer with the highest score wins. The you have the 4 different Challenge types. Any of the 4 can happen during the song. You have Freeze where you have to stand as still as possible. Go Wild is where the player with most energy get the points. Pose is when you get into the correct pose that is on the screen and hold it. Then you have Action, the first dancer to finish doing all of the actions wins. This may be the most fun way to play the game. Then you have Co-op mode, when one player dances and the other player sings. Your score is combined at the end. You also Team Co-op, which is identical to Co-op mode except it 2 teams with 2 people, and you want to try to beat the other team. Overall, Grease feature many different Game Mode’s that will keep the party going.


Graphics And Game Control

The graphics in Grease are nice. They are different from the graphics in Dance Central 2. They are meant to stay with time frame of the movie and the songs. They are very 3-demsional, and the background’s capture the time. In the corner of the screen while you are dancing you will see your self, in the corner. Under that you will see the dance moves, then there are 2 players on the screen. Then will dance the moves that you have to do. Overall, the graphics are great. The game control is pretty simple. It uses the same technology as most Kinect games. You move the arrow by using your actual arm. As in Dance Central 2, you can control it with your body, controller or voice. You can control Grease Dance with your voice, but hopefully this will be a future update to the game. Overall, the control and graphics of Grease Dance are good.


Bottom Line

Grease Dance is good game. However, if you’re not big fan of Grease and absolutely love this music, it probably isn’t the game for you. You may want to go with Dance Central 2 instead. However if you do really like Grease by, all means gets this game. It will give you hours of fun. You will love dancing and singing to great tunes of Grease. Grease Dance is now available and costs $49.99 . You Can Get Your Own Copy Of Grease Dance, By Clicking Here. We would like to thank 505 Games for providing us with a copy of “Grease Dance For The Xbox 360”.

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