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Our friends over at EA Sports have sent us Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 for us to review. We will new reviewing it for the Xbox 360 and the companion system the Microsoft Kinect! Yes, this is the first simulation to use the Kinect for the full game. Thus it is eliminating the need for controller complete as well with the “See It-Say It” feature. Now, let’s dive into the full review of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13!


Microsoft Kinect Integration

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Now, one of the key features in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is that it takes full advantage of the Kinect. Yes, now you can get the full golfing experience in the comfort of your home. It also works without the Kinect, so if you don’t own one you can still use the controller. Now, playing golf on the Kinect is quite simple, it has almost the same form of when your are actually playing. We have to give EA some compliments for this feature, the Kinect tracks the player almost perfectly every single time. Granted here and there, it may not do the best job but, for the most part it works great. To swing, stand in front of the Kinect and put your hands together. Swing them to the right hand side to pull back, and then your ready to hit the ball. Just move your hands to the left and you can tee off. It will also grade how well your swing is, this way you can get better. When you swing your entire body is being tracked, this way you get the most accurate sing possible. You can also aim your shot by using your hands, we had some trouble with this, but after you get the hand of it you will be good to go. To zoom in you close your hand into a fist and then move your arm to where it should go. Once the aiming is done, if you physically crouch down you can get a different view of the shot.  Now, you can also navigate the entire game with just you as the controller. It works basically the same way as any other Kinect game. You control it by swiping your hands, to the left, right, up, or even down. To go back all you do is simply slide your hand to the left. The voice command or “See It-Say It” feature is one of the best the game has to offer. You can just saw “Change Club” and it will give you all of the available clubs to choose from. It completes the controller free experience. There are other says like, “Change Stance”, “Ask Caddie” and many more.


“Tigers Legacy” Game Mode And Country Clubs

One of the newest game mode’s in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is Tigers Legacy. It let’s you relive some of Tiger’s greatest golf moments. You start from when he was a child, all the way to present day and then even to the future. You will play as “Toddler Tiger, Youth Tiger, Junior Tiger, Amateur Tiger”, and many more! You start off with Tiger’s appearance at the age of 2, when he was on the “Mike Douglas Show”. You have to both get 3 shots in the net and get a hole in one. You will get play as Tiger during some of his greatest accomplishments. Throughout this mode you are trying to achieve Tiger’s greatest goal, which is to break Jack Nicklaus’ major championship record. If you are good enough, you will eventually beat this record. Now, all of the different versions of Tiger are available as characters that you can play as throughout the game. Have you ever dreamed of being a member of a Country Club? Well with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 that dream now becomes a reality. You will be able to make your own or join another exclusive country club. You can play games with your friends and unlock downloadable course for you to play. When you join a Country Club you start to earn “Status Points”, you can gain more for every round that you play. You can use these points to level up yourself or use them to level up the club. If you have the most points for that week you will become “Club Champion”, this means that you will be invited to the “Club Champion Tournament”. Here is where you can show your stuff, and keep in mind that you are playing for your club. This feature is also integrated with the web, there is a free website that you can go to track your stats, create your own Custom Live Tournament, and schedule matches for future dates. Country Clubs is a great feature that you will enjoy.



In comparison to last years version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, this years game brings forth better graphics and visuals. For starters there is a new audience system, which makes them much more realistic. They are more detailed and they will no longer react the same way every time, they have many more reactions. Now, since there are different years that the game is being played in, they have crowds for the 200’s, 1970’s, 1990’s and more. This way the game looks more realistic. They also have improved the broadcasting, and they sound more realistic and Jim Nance will be giving introductions to the famous courses you are playing on. The course graphics have also been improved, they have better on-course cameras. This way you can feel like you are actually at the game or are watching it on the television. Nature elements such as clouds, trees, and light have all been updated as well. And as usual the animation for the golfers have been updated to look like their real stance, and this is thanks to motion capture technology. Overall, the improve to the graphics make the game more enjoyable.


Bottom Line

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 for the Xbox 360 is an awesome game. It is definitely one of the best Kinect games on the market and is one of the more realistic ones. EA did a great job with the Kinect feature and it really shows when playing the game. It really feels like you are out on the course and playing golf, when reality you are at home. The voice controls feature just brings the level of a controller-free game to the next level. The Country Club feature will allow you to compete, play, and have fun with your friends. Tigers Legacy lets your relive some of his greatest moments and even some of the future moments. I hope they continue to add to this feature and keep it for next years game. Overall, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is a great game, if you like Golf be sure to go out and get it and if you like sports I would recommend taking a look at it. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is available today March 27, 2012 in North America and will be available worldwide on March 30, 2012. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 retails for $59.99 . For More Info On Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, Please Click Here. We would like to thank EA Sports for providing us with a copy of “Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 for the XBox 360”.



  1. actually looks pretty good, only thing that will prevent people from buying is the high price and the fact its a golf game

    • Thank You For Checking Out The Review! Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is great with the Kinect for Xbox 360. I Would Recommend At Least Trying Out The Game At You Local Retailer. Be Sure To Keep Checking NJTechReviews For All Of The Latest Tech News!

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