Today, Verizon Wireless launched yet another great feature for Android devices and their owners. And it is a new review system that was made by Verizon’s application, device, and security teams. The reviews will tell you how the application will affect your smartphone in ways such as security, battery consumption, data usage, and user experience. The applications that are chosen to be review are the top on the Google Play Store, both free and paid, for the past 30(thirty) days. The higher the rating means the better it will your device, while a lower rating will negatively affect your device. You Can See The Current List Of The Top Rated Android Applications From Verizon, By Clicking Here. You can see the entire list, which gives you the icon for the application, the name of the application, the developer, and the overall rating. The overall rating is somewhere out of 5-Stars. If you click on an individual application it will open a separate window, which will give you a more in-depth rating and reasons why it received that rating. You can see some of the current rating, photos of the setup, and more in the gallery below. I am very excited about the Android App Reviews by Verizon service, I think it will enhance the application experience for the consumer. And it has an awesome price of being free, I cannot wait to see what Verizon has in store for us in the future.



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