16GB iPhone 6s for $1

The carriers are doing everything they can to entice consumers to the latest and greatest to come out of Cupertino on their networks. Sprint unleashed a very crazy deal today, in fact I didn’t quite believe it the first time I saw it. You can get an iPhone 6s for as low as $1 a month from Sprint and it operates a device leasing program. This is Sprint giving it too T-Mobile who are offering an iPhone 6s for as low as $5 a month, this will be a new offering in  Sprint’s iPhone Forever program.

Now, granted this $1 a month deal is for a 16GB iPhone 6s which is the smallest amount of storage possible. Out of the box you will most likely see the available storage around 12GB. A 64GB 6s comes in at $5.77 a month, while the 128GB comes in at $10.53 a month but requires the trade in of an existing iPhone. For a 16GB iPhone 6s Plus it will cost you $5 a month from Sprint, so they are clearly trying to keep the price low. Same deal for the 6s plus in that you have to trade in an existing iPhone, but a 64GB $9.77 a month is and a 128GB is $14.53 a month.


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