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LG is kicking off IFA 2015 earlier, which they usually do every year, by announcing what they will be showcasing before the show actually begins. The company is set to enhance and updates it’s line of smart home products, to do this they will be joining or rather working with AllJoyn. This is an open source smart home platform that is designed by the Allseed Alliance, it is interesting to see LG moving more into this category as Samsung begins to prep it’s massive update to Smart Things.

The SmartThinQ Sensor will turn a traditional home appliance into a smart device, along with this LG is also unleashing a Smart Lightwave Oven and Smart Air Conditioner that work with AllJoyn.  Essentially, the SmartThinQ Sensor will monitor the devices they are attached too for feedback like vibration and temperature. You can then view all of this in the SmartThinQ application on your smartphone. You can attach it to a washer or dryer, then you can have the sensor let you know the cycle is complete. It seems like a simple product and might be a solid entry-level smart home device.

The Smart Lightwave Oven will come with built-in WiFi, you can set the temperature and cooking mode from your smartphone, and it can be set for a specific dish that you might be making. It will also perform diagnostic tests on itself and can let you know if you need a repair. Similarly to the oven, the Smart Air Conditioner will let you know when it needs a new filter, plus you can control it from your smartphone similar to the Aros air condition from Quirky and GE.

LG is looking to speed up the adoption of smart appliances, so I expect to see more from them in this sector of the internet of things this year. In the meantime, these new products that work with the AllJoyn network will be shown off to the public at IFA 2015.


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