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Wink has some news at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show and while there aren’t any big announcement directly from them, they are working with some other companies. For instance, ADT announced their new Canopy security-as-a-service offering. ADT’s goal here is to back your connected device from a bunch of third-party companies with their 24/7 professional monitoring services. This monitoring will be coming to devices like door locks, motion sensors, wearables, and other connected products.

Even better, since Canopy is a security-as-a-service offering, there will be no contracts that need to be signed. You can subscribe to the service for just one month and then not use and not pay for another 12 months. A big plus with Wink, is that the ADT Canopy service will be integrated directly within the same application that users have come to know and love.

You will be able to manage your home security and if needed, get connected to live help right away. The service will work in that when you sign up for it, let’s say you going to be away for sometime and you want it for a month, it will begin to monitor all the devices connected to your Wink system. If your smart door lock, smoke alarms, or motion sensors detect unusual activity, you will receive a notification and ADT Canopy will immediately spring into action.

Wink’s integration with ADT Canopy is a win-win for consumers, it shows that Wink is still committed to an open eco-system. Plus, it will give users of the Wink platform an on-demand security monitoring system from a trusted company.

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