Piper IFTTT Recipes

Back at the 2016 Consumer Electronics, Piper(who is owned by iControl Networks) announced that they were in a partnership with IFTTT or If This Then That. Many of you know that IFTTT is a software platform that allows different products based upon different platforms to work in harmony with one another. They have recipes which can custom tailored to a users needs. These can be recipes like to disarm Piper if you are near your house. Well, today Piper has officially launched IFTTT capabilities and has a slight new user interface as well.

IFTTT is an exciting addition to Piper and provides yet another reason to go with the all-in-one security system. With this addition you can now link your Piper or Piper’s too Amazon’s Echo, which has a large ecosystem of it’s own. You can even get some added functionality to your Android Smartwatch, hopefully this will come to the Apple Watch as well.


One great thing about partnering with IFTTT is that there large community already has thousands of recipes available for use. And if there is not one that fits your needs, you can create one for yourself right with the Piper application. Not to mention IFTTT is pretty well-integrated into the newly designed interface and has a prominent spot.

While Piper has always been able to pair up with other devices through Z-Wave technologies, it is nice to have to make friends with many other devices. By letting Piper talk to other non Z-Wave devices through IFTTT, your home can become a lot smarter without a lot of hassle.


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