At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, BlackBerry announced that the PRIV would be coming to Verizon and some other carriers. This is of course BlackBerry’s first device to run Android, a very secure version of it and pair it with the physical keyboard that they are known for. Verizon has just announced that the PRIV is now available from their online store and will be available in stores on March 11th, coincidentally the same day that the S7 and S7 Edge arrive.

The BlackBerry PRIV features a 5.43-inch 2560 X 1440 display with a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 for protection. It is powered by a 1.8GHz hexa-core processor with 3GB of RAM, along with 32GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot. It is running a customized version of Android with a DTEK warning system. All of these software enhancements and customization, give the PRIV a security level of a normal BlackBerry. It has a slider design and when you push the screen up, you will find the full physical QWERTY keyboard, which has a few tricks up it sleeve. Lastly, the PRIV on Verizon will be running on their lightning fast and reliable 4G LTE network.

On Verizon, the BlackBerry PRIV will cost $720 with no contract or $30 per month for 24 months on the Verizon installment plan. Currently when get the BlackBerry PRIV on Verizon and choose a a Verizon Plan XL or larger and choose the device payment option, you will get 24GBs of data per year for life. This also works if you are upgrading to the BlackBerry PRIV and are on a XL or larger plan. You will get an extra 2GBs of data a month, which adds up to 24GBs a year; thus it is a pretty stellar deal. Even better, Verizon will pay you to $650 to switch to them from another carrier.


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