BMW partners with Google to show off BMW i in augmented reality through Tango


We got our first look at Google Tango last year, and the Phab 2 Pro from Lenovo was the first device to support the augmented reality experience. Since then new experiences have been developed for Tango, and soon more enabled devices are launching. Today at CES 2017, BMW announced that it has partnered with Google to show off vehicles in a Tango augmented reality experience.

If BMW is using a new futuristic technology like Tango, why not show off it’s future and most technological advanced cars. Yes, you will be able to experience┬áthe BMW i3 and BMW i8 through augmented reality. While BMW does plan to eventually release an application in the Google Play store show customers can jump in whenever they like too, it will first be beta tested. The first places to get the BMWi augmented reality application will be select BMW locations. In which the staff will be provided with a Google Tango-enabled device with the application installed on it.

The application will let the customer see a BMW i3 or BMW i8 customized to their liking. And it will allow them to view the car on the outside as if it was right in front of them. Plus you will be able to get inside the car by opening the door or even the trunk. It is important to remember that in an experience like Tango, there is context to what you are seeing.

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