NVIDIA Spot is a listening peripheral powered by the Google Assistant


NVIDIA is well into their kick off CES 2017 press event, and they just announced something cool. First, they announced the new NVIDIA Shield which features 4K and wants to take on the Amazon Echo. As Google Assistant is built into, but an always listening peripheral is not built-in. In fact, Shield is the first third-party Android TV box set to support Google’s virtual assistant.

Going along with the NVIDIA Shield is the NVIDIA Spot. And this is an Artificial Intelligence piece of hardware that can be placed anywhere in your house. It gives you access to the Google Assistant, allowing you to get quick information from anywhere in your house. But it can also act as a hub, thanks to the new integration with SmartThings.

Now NVIDIA Spot will be arriving later this year and will be $50 each. You can get multiple NVIDIA Spots for your house, but it might get pricey after a while. You can pre-order the new NVIDIA Shield now from the company for $199.

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