BRAVEN today at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show is updating their Outdoor Series of speakers. This update enables new smart features that are made possible with the addition of Bluetooth LE connectivity. The company introduced the Ready Solo, Ready Pro, Ready Prime, Ready Elite, and the BRV-XXL Smart. All of these new speakers work with the BRAVEN Smart App for iOS and Android as well.

The Ready Pro comes in at $149 and is a compact Bluetooth speaker. It has an omnidirectional subwoofer encased inside an aircraft-grade aluminum grill and shockproof mold build. Like most other products from BRAVEN, the ReadyPro is built tough and gets an IP67 waterproof rating. It should last for 16 hours of playback, has a 2,600mAh battery for charging your devices and comes with a multi-toolkit. The ReadyPro is Bluetooth Smart Enabled as well.

Inside the Ready Prime you will find a two large drivers and dual passive radiators that will provide rich sound for 18 hours. It has a 4,000mAh power bank inside and has an IP67 waterproof rating. It will retail for $199 and is Bluetooth Smart Enabled.

BRAVEN’s Ready Elite puts the focus on charging other devices with a 10,000mAh battery inside. It will cost $299 and the sound comes from two large drivers and dual passive radiators giving you a powerful bass. It is Bluetooth Smart Enabled and comes with a large Multi-Tool.

Bluetooth Smart features are not found on the entry-level Ready Solo which comes in at $99. You still get multi-tool, 2,200mAh power bank, IP67 waterproof rating, and an Omni-directional subwoofer with 12 hours of playback time.

The BRV-XXL has gotten a small upgrade that adds Bluetooth LE connectivity. All of these speakers, but the Ready Solo, feature Bluetooth LE. The BRAVEN Smart App will let you connect to these speakers with Bluetooth LE from almost anywhere. You will be able to turn them on or off, customize the EQ levels, and can block others from using your speaker. The BRAVEN Smart App is available for iOS and Android. In addition to the speakers announced today the BRAVA ONE, the existing 2200m and 2300 Home Series speakers will work with the application as well.

BRAVEN’s updated BRV-XXL and the new READY Outdoor Series will be launching later this year.


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