T-Mobile has never been a company that was afraid to change. And when they started the Un-carrier movement four years at the Consumer Electronics show, people were very surprised. Particularly with the state of the company as they were losing plenty of customers and revenue was not looking good.

The thing that amazes me and that surprises T-Mobile and John Legere there very outgoing CEO would be that the other carriers sometimes copy the moves. Or rather T-Mobile changes and new ideas for the wireless industry manage to alter the industry as a whole. Several years back the carrier used to be unlimited for internet or data. And from there carriers switched, as they realize there was an opportunity to gain more revenue.

Today, T-Mobile is introducing a new plan and the only one they will offer going forward; T-Mobile One which presents the taxes and fees upfront. MEanign that the cost you see is the actual cost that will be on the bill and they are guaranteeing it. But a concern with switching to the Un-carrier might be the network.

But at the current state, after all, it is 2017, most of the networks that matter are on the same level. I am talking about AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile in that the networks are near each other. Sprint, unfortunately, is still pretty far behind and even a few years ago their network was really never there.

T-Mobile is also claiming today that they have the best network out there, but any carrier will say this as well. One thing that doesn’t get a notable mention is that T-Mobile ONE plan has some restrictions like video streaming is at 480p. But they offer ways to improve this experience at an extra cost. And for a customer on AT&T or Verizon, T-Mobile will still pay your ETF(Early Termination Fee) or if you want to cover that yourself they will give you $150 in the form of a check or gift card for switching.

The facts from the past might shine a light that unlimited in some way might make a return to AT&T and Verizon. But for now T-Mobile is doing really well and their customer number continues to rise, especially on post-paid. Time will tell to see how the new T-Mobile One with taxes and fee including does and to see how this shakes up the wireless industry.

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