Sure you can go out and buy a new Refrigerator like the Samsung Family Hub 2.0 that has touchscreen or camera built-in, but chances it will be pricey. Also, you also may not want a TV-sized screen on your fridge; the more beneficial features might be the camera and inventory systems. Well, Smarter recognizes that and is introducing the FridgeCam at CES 2017.

Put simply; the FridgeCam is a small circular wireless camera that will get placed inside your fridge. So every time you open the fridge, the camera will take a photo, and you can view that image via an application for iOS and Android. Smarter has taken this to the next level by also inventorying what is put in the fridge. It will be able to warn you of expiration dates and remind you of what food you already have–this product can also help you waste less food.

FridgeCam will even recommend ways you can use the food before it goes bad. So you will scan the food you put into it via the FridgeCam, which can they identify it, through a database, and log it. All of this comes with no monthly fees; it is just built into the app.

You can even order replacement food when items go bad from your preferred online store, through the app. It will also let you know if the temperature of the refrigerator seems off and has geolocation reminders. Meaning that if you are out and about, but need to grab Milk as the one in your fridge has gone bad, it will ping you through a notification.

Smarter’s FridgeCam will cost $149.99 when it lands in the first Quarter of 2017.

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