Lenovo and Motorola just announced the new G5 and G5 Plus, but they have not forgotten about the Moto Z flagship line. According to Motorola, the #1 reason people went for the Moto Z line of devices would be the Moto Mods integration. Today Motorola also announced that Amazon will be releasing an Alexa Moto Mod later this year.

This means that the Alexa ecosystem will be growing larger, a big trend we saw at the 2017 CES, but it means that the Moto Z will have new capabilities. This Moto Mod will allow you to control your home from the go, for instance asking Alexa to shut off lights in your kitchen or to raise the A/C. You can even add something to your grocery list or make an Amazon order.

While this Alexa Moto Mod is coming later this year, Motorola also announced that Alexa integration into their Moto Z devices is coming. Moreover, they are taking this a step further than other manufacturers by allowing you to use Alexa without unlocking your phone. 2017 seems like its going to be a very exciting year for mobile innovation.


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