T-Mobile’s latest Un-carrier move is not a new plan or certain features that don’t count against the monthly data allotment. This time they want to stop those telemarketing and annoying phone calls that might be incoming on your smartphone. T-Mobile wants to warn customers of spam phone calls before they pick up the call.

The new feature is called Spam Block and Scam ID and will alert the end-user on the incoming call screen by displaying “scam likely” below the number. T-Mobile’s technology behind Spam Block is patent pending, as when that call reaches the network it instantly compares the number against thousands of known spam numbers. This technological process happens in just milliseconds allowing Spam Block to either turn on and display “spam likely” or call it a safe number. You can also have it set to stop the call if it is a spam number before the call will not even reach your smartphone.

Moreover, even better for T-Mobile customers, Spam Block is a free feature that will be added on April 5th. Current T-Mobile One customers will get the new feature on a rolled out basis starting on April 5th. New T-Mobile Customers will automatically be enrolled on the 5th, and Post-Paid customers can opt in for it.



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