Whole much of Verizon’s 2017 focus has been on their new Unlimited plan, that is the not the complete focus. Today, Verizon is offering a new way for customers to get TV, Internet, and phone– introducing FiOS Prepaid. Instead of having to sign a contract and passing a credit check, customers can now pay monthly via credit or debit card for service.

While this can be seen as a solution for cord cutters, it is also a more affordable option for customers. For example, you can just get internet starting at $60 per month. This internet plan provides you with 25Mbps on upload and download. From there you can add phone service for $10 more a month or TV in a plethora of packages. The equipment is included at no extra cost, and you can pay for installation at $90 or do a self-install for free.

Regarding prepaid TV options, FiOS Prepaid has two. The first is around 155 channels and one set top box for either an $40 or $50 a month depending on the channels chosen. You can get over 200 channels including 35 Spanish-language channels for $40 a month.

Verizon FiOS Prepaid is available in all FiOS markets, but this is still a select area, to say the least. As Verizon’s FiOS is only available in select markets across the east coast including NYC, New Jersey, and Boston.


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