Exclusive: T-Mobile has added AppleCare+ to their JUMP! Device Protection Plans


For around just $12 a month, T-Mobile is making their Premium Device Protection Plans a much better deal. They appear to be first the carrier in the United States or rather the World that is bundling Apple Care Services into their Device Protection Plan. This means that if you have an iPhone on T-Mobile, it is not only cheaper than the iPhone Upgrade Program from Apple, but you get all the benefits of AppleCare now. 

So here’s the scoop, we were informed of this by an update to the site, and it is pretty spectacular. JUMP! with Premium Device Protection and Premium Device Protection featuring AppleCare Services are two new offerings. They will come in at around $12 a month, but this can vary according to the device. The benefits of JUMP! is still there in that after six months and with 50% off the device paid off, you can upgrade to any new device–In the  JUMP! with Premium Device Protection Plan, this is the core benefit between these two new offerings.

The AppleCare Services are epic in that you get 24/7 support from Apple, $0 for battery service, low-cost pricing for other services, repairs at Apple Stores, certified Apple replacement, and much more. This is basically everything AppleCare+ gives you, but it comes at not extra cost to the traditional JUMP! or Device Protection Plans.

If you have JUMP! or a Device Protection Plan for an iPhone or an iPad, you get these AppleCare Services at no extra cost, just the benefits. So this is just another way that T-Mobile is improving the customer experience and might lead to a larger switch over from carriers like AT&T and Verizon. You can see all the full details here on the addition of AppleCare Services.