Along with launching the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus at Samsung Unpacked 2017 in which the company unboxed the phone, they had another surprise up their sleeve. Introducing the upgraded Gear 360 that brings with it 4K recording.

The Gear 360 now packs two 8.4-megapixel fish-eye cameras and a DRIMe5s image processor. This new camera setup will allow you to take visually immersive videos and pictures. You can also then watch your 360 videos on your smartphone or through a Gear VR headset.

And also the new landmark software feature, is that the Gear 360 can now live stream to select partners like Facebook or YouTube. Of course, this needs to work with a compatible phone, but this is a promising feature and could make for some cool experiences.

The new Samsung Gear 360 should launch shortly, most likely around the time the S8 and S8 Plus land.


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