The cameras on iPhones have a pretty good reputation, and Adobe is updating Lightroom on iOS and Android with a few new features. The most notable is a new “Authentic HDR” feature which goes several steps further than the built-in HDR mode. Apple uses 10-step HDR mode, while HDR in Lightroom makes use of RAW images in a 32-bit capacity.

This will be better than HDR from Apple and will be much better than built-in HDR modes on Android devices. These HDR exports will be in DNG modes, which are quite high. This also allows you to natively export these images into the full class Adobe desktop applications.

On iOS, Adobe has added some 3D Touch features– specifically the ability to quickly open the standard camera mode, take a selfie, or open the last photo taken.

Adobe Lightroom 2.7.0 is available on iOS and Android devices now.


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