First Look: The (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 Plus Is Vibrant


Apple did something with the iPhone that they’ve never done before and that is introduce a new color around six months after the devices were unveiled. Yes, I am talking about the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition. And this is the first time an iPhone has been available in red.

And it certainly is red to say the least, a vibrant matte finish. This is not the red equivalent to a JetBlack iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. The front is white, and the home button has a silver ring around it. A big plus here is that a portion of each of these (PRODUCT)RED iPhone’s goes to the Global Fund which brings the world a step closer to an AIDS-free generation.

Even though the home ring isn’t red and the front isn’t black, this is a sharp looking device. It is is a very vibrant red that will appear darker or lighter depending on the conditions of the day. And it is not a glossy back, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t smudge free. In the box, you still get a pair of EarPods, a lighting to headphone jack adapter, a lighting to USB cable, and a power adapter.

And when we look at next to the Silver, Rose Gold, Matte Black, and Jet Black iPhone 7 Pluses, it certainly does it hold its spot in the lineup.


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