Snapchat has its first big announcement since the launch of it IPO and officially becoming a public company. Since Snapchat started, Stories has been a landmark feature of the application. Allowing you to share moments with friends and engage others in a meaningful way.

Stories also enable you to discover events going on around you on a local level or a city level. Making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can now search Stories. So if you want to see puppies you can search for them or if you want to see what’s going on a local bar, you can search for the name of the bar.

This provides a whole new way to use Snapchat and allows you to find videos and images that can be fun and that serve a purpose. This is not just limited to curated stories, this is for any public stories, and you can add the conversation with your story.

Stories in Search is beginning its rollout in select cities today.


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