Last month, I had the pleasure of attending a Verizon Wireless Workshop at my local Verizon store. The topic was Advanced Android Part 1. It was a very unique learning experience, and I really enjoyed the workshop. Depending on the size of the Verizon store, there can be 10 people or 25 people. My local store is on the smaller size, so we had around 10 people. When you go in you sit down and on your seat is a note taking guide and a pen. They really give you everything you could possibly need besides the device. The note talking guide was great because it goes in order of the Powerpoint slides that the teacher will be walking you through. The people who teach the class are extremely knowledgeable on how to use Android. They work with the different companies to make a workshop that you really learn from. The best part is that the workshops are completely free. Now, they don’t just stick to what is in the Powerpoint, they can answer any questions that you have and they talk about there true real life experience with the devices. There are also a couple of other teachers walking around you and they are there to help you. Let’s say there teaching you to how to set up email on your phone or tablet, if you’re having difficulty just call one of them over and they will teach step-by-step on how to set up your email. And let’s say your question is a little bit off topic from what you are currently talking about, they will answer your question before you leave the store. As I said before the employees are very knowledgeable and they know what they are talking about. And they are great at explaining it to you and making sure that you understand it. Whether you are a first time smartphone user or you consider your self an expert, you will definitely learn something by going to a Verizon Wireless Workshop. It is a great tool that Verizon offers to there customers and I am very surprised that other carriers have not yet started these lessons. For More Info On Verizon Wireless Workshops, Click Here. Be sure to let us know if you go out and attend a Verizon Wireless Workshop!



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