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AT&T is fresh off the heels of acquiring Direct TV, but they are still focused on their product offerings and services. Today they are responding to customer feedback and are adding a new Premium Security and Automation package. This will allow any customers who have a basic Smart Security and Automation package to add additional security, energy, and water detection for just $10 a more. AT&T has strategically chosen to add these features, as customers want to be able to track energy and see water usage.

They are just adding a new Premium Security and Automation package, but AT&T now offers a total of three basic packages. These are Smart SecuritySmart Security + Automation, and then lastly the new Premium Security and Automation offering. If you want to build a custom plan for your home, you can start with the Smart Security package at $39.99 a month plus equipment fees, and then add on different packages. AT&T currently offers the camera package, energy package, door package, water detection package, and a water control package.

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