Piper nv - Black (12)

Piper has come a long way since its first variant, last year we saw the introduction of Piper nv, the second generation of the home security and home automation device. This year at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, Piper has two announcement and one of them is a partnership. Piper and the team behind it at iControl Networks are now in a partnership with IFTTT! Along with this partnership, Piper is adding support for several new products, but this will only be for the Piper nv.

The partnership with IFTTT is big for Piper users in that now they can set and manage their own rules with in the Piper application. As of now some triggers at launch will be the ability too have the alarm be activated by either the internal Piper sensors or the external Z-Wave accessories. Users will eventually be able to customize their own rules as well and hopefully be able to pull from the IFTTT library.

Secondly, Piper is now supporting a plethora of new products. This will only be for the Piper nv, not for the class Piper. These new products being supported include motion and smoke detector, along with door locks. By adding support for new products, the Piper nv can now be a hub for your connected home. If a smoke or motion detector gets triggered, you can receive a notification in the app, plus you will be able to lock and unlock your door within the Piper application.

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