Elgato is going full force with HomeKit enabled devices, introducing Eve Energy and Eve Light Switch. These two products are the latest addition to Elgato’s Eve smart home line, all of which so far have been HomeKit enabled which means they work with the Apple ecosystem right out of the box. These smart home products also work out of the box with Eve’s mobile application.

First off we have Elgato’s Eve Energy which is a Wireless Power Sensor and Switch. Not only can you remotely turn the outlet on and off, but with Eve Energy you can learn about the consumption side of things. You can instantly see how much energy the device is using. Eve Energy will integrate directly into Eve application which lives on your iPhone or iPad. This is where all of Elgato’s HomeKit accessories come together and send their data too.

Eve Light Switch

The Eve Light Switch will let you take control of lighting with a simple chat with Siri or with the touch of a button. You can even use triggers to have the Eve Light Switch through HomeKit, and this light switch will replace any standard rocker-style wall plate. Thus making it almost universally accepted and a pretty darn easy install.

Keep in mind that both Eve Energy and the Eve Light Switch do not need a hub or a bridge to work, they connect through Bluetooth Smart Technology to your iPhone or iPad. Eve Energy will retail for $49.95 and Eve Light Switch will also retail for $49.95, both will be launching in Quarter 1 of 2016.

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