AT&T is a player in the home automation and home security market, and it is a market that has become increasingly packed over the past few years, especially last year. Digital Life has been increasing it’s offerings and has been expanding quite rapidly. Currently, customers can access their system through a website and through applications for smartphones and tablets. You can have sensors to monitor water, energy consumption, for controlling a garage door, monitoring your house with security cameras, and much more. With more unique devices and wearable devices coming out, more ways to control your home will be needed.

Apple launched the Apple Watch just a few months back and AT&T has just launched a Digital Life app for the smart device. It will allow you to arm your security system with a tap on your wrist, or too even unlock your door as you walk up to your house with just a tap. You can even turn on lights, close the garage door, and use almost all of your sensors right from the watch.

AT&T’s Digital Life app for the Apple Watch is available now from the App Store. Some of the features in this application do require the Premium Security and Automation package, but basic features like arming and disarming the alarm should be available to all.



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