AT&T is making some additions in as to how you can control your Digital Life home security and home automation system. Today Digital Life is adding voice control capabilities, through a new Voice Assistant application. This new application will let Digital Life customers use there to voice to control different aspects of their smart home. The application is currently in testing now and should be available in all markets by the first half of 2016.

AT&T is using the Curo speech and language platform to handle the voice control feature. The application will be coming to both iOS and Android devices, and will allow you to ask for a plethora of actions. You could ask is the security system armed or is the front door locked, as well as more complex ones like to set the first floor thermostat to 72 degrees. The application can also talk back to you with voice announcements, for instance it can let you know when the system has been armed or if a door is left open. As of right now the Digital Life Voice Assistant will work with the English language only.

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