Western Digital is kicking off CES 2017 with their first ever branded Black PCIe SSDs, and they are fast. They will come in both a 256GB and 512GB size at first. It will also round out Western Digital’s portfolio of storage solutions, allowing them to offer a product for almost any circumstance.

These new WD Black PCIe SSDs delivers more than three times the sequential read speeds of current SATA SSDs. These new SSDs can work in the same system as SATA SSD or can be put in a computer by themselves as a measurement of future proofing. You can expect to see a speed and performance improvement when booting up, shutting down, opening applications, and with gaming. They also have up to 2050MB/s and 800MB/s sequential read and write speeds.

Western Digital’s Black PCIe SSDs will be launching worldwide during the first half of 2017. The 256GB model will cost $109.99, and the 412GB model will come in at $199.99.

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