Amazon Go is a super smart grocery store that has no lines or checkout



Amazon is back at again with a new venture, and no this is not the rumored new Echo device. Instead, AmazonGo is a super smart retail store, more specifically a grocery store with no checkout lines. This concept works through artificial intelligence and machine learning.

At an Amazon Go store, you can simply use a smartphone application to enter. From there you pick up what you want, it adds to the virtual cart, and you can just walk out. Plus, if you put something back it will magically disappear from your cart. There are little gates that you walk in through and walk out through, and this is when the payment occurs. And it will most likely come from one of the cards linked to Amazon.

It adds what you have chosen to a virtual cart, then matches it with what you have and bills it to your account. This makes the idea and premise of shopping much easier for humans and the technology being used here is quite remarkable.

As of right now the first and only AmazonGo store is in beta and is limited to use by employees of the company. But starting early next year, and 2017 starts in just a few weeks, you can expect the store to exit beta.