Artificial Intelligence is big, and it is moving into every part of our life. It entered our home intuitively with Amazon’s Echo and Google Home emerged late last year. However, Amazon opened up Amazon Alexa, as they want other companies to use their custom AI.

Now, Lenovo is entering the smart speaker market, and Amazon’s Alexa is onboard. Introducing the Lenovo Smart Assistant with Amazon Alexa. In fact, it utilizes Amazon’s Alexa application for iOS and Android. It has a far-ranging microphone system that is made from a 6 + 2 Microphone array. There are speakers on board– the setup is a 5-watt Tweeter and a 10-watt woofer.

This structure allows the Smart Assitant to pick up your voice from up to 16-feet away. It will have full access to all of Alexa’s skills, and it will grow over time. Lenovo is offering it in light gray, green, and orange. Plus there will be a Harman Kardon edition that has an additional 2″ sound cavity and comes in a black color.

Lenovo’s Smart Assistant with Amazon Alexa will cost $129 and will land in May. The Harman Kardon Edition will cost $179 and also lands in May.

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