Ventev is a mobile accessory company, with a keen interest in batteries and chargers. This year at CES 2017 they have unveiled a wireless charging solution for the car. Typically car chargers are wired, as it might be hard to secure a phone to a pad. Or you may have to hard wire the device in so it works with cars entertainment system. But the wirelesspro dock pairs wireless charging and a holder into one product.

The wirelesspro dock clips into cars air vent and secures the phone in through spring loaded side arms. In the box, you get the dock, a tangle-free cable, and USB port to cigarette outlet. So while the dock is wireless, it still needs to get power from somewhere. Ventev is pricing the wirelesspro dock at $59.99, and this might be a reliable solution if you want a dock that can also handle power. This will work with devices that support Qi 1.2.2, fast wireless charging, or PMA standards.

Similarly, the wirelesspro stand is wireless charging dock for your desk. This provides 15-watt charging for devices that support Qi 1.2.2, fast wireless charging, and PMA. Plus it has two adjustable angles that the phone can be set at.

Ventev is also releasing a car charger and traditional wall charger that has Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 built-in. The dashport rq2300 is for the car and provides two USB ports. This way it can charge almost any device that plugs in with a USB-A cable. This will retail for $34.99 when it launches this year. The wallport rq2300 has the same features but with a wall outlet for the same price.

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