Last year Ashley Chloe made some waves at CES with the Helix Cuff, but for CES 2017 they are moving into modular earbuds. These are modular fully wireless earbuds that allow you to have a personalized experience with them. In that, you can carry them with you in several ways, like in a bracelet.

The FUSE earbuds themselves are quite small and have a ceramic casing. Ashley Chloe went with ceramic as it should help to deliver a stronger Bluetooth connection. These are coming to market at an exciting time, as Apple’s AirPods just recently started shipping. The earbuds have a mirror finish on the outside and are waterproof. 15 minutes of charging time in one of their cases should yield one hour of battery life.

Ashley Chloe will also be launching a dedicated application for FUSE Earbuds. From this app, you can monitor EQ levels, check battery life, and more. They will also have integration with Siri on iOS devices and with the Google Assistant on Android.

They have several casings for the FUSE Earbuds– these allow charging and carrying. Right now they are showing off a bracelet, a pendant, and a traditional case. Since the FUSE Earbuds do not launch until the Fall of 2017, they hope to partner with other brands for other cases.

Ashley Chloe’s FUSE Earbuds will cost $199 and are available to reserve now– they should ship come this Fall.

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