The Nintendo Switch was just formally announced a few hours ago, but pre-orders have started. Those who do not want to do an old fashioned brick and mortar pre-order from Nintendo’s flagship store in NYC should no longer be concerned. As BestBuy has just started taking pre-orders for Nintendo’s latest console.

Coming in at $299 you can now pre-order the Nintendo Switch from BestBuy’s online store. They are offering both the Gray Nintendo Switch and the Neon Joy-Cons Nintendo Switch. Both of these cost the same price, $299, and have a launch date of March 3. BestBuy also has a selection of Nintendo Switch Games that are up for pre-order.

The only other retailer currently taking pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch is Wall-Mart, as of this article publishing. It is expected that other retailers, like GameStop and, will soon start pre-orders as well.


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