Nintendo just unveiled plenty of information about the Nintendo Switch, including March 3, 2017, being the launch date and a price of $299. But the only launch day title from the company is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Not too worry though many publishers are working on titles. Ubisoft has just announced that they have at least three games coming to the Nintendo Switch.

As of early this morning Just Dance 2017,  Rayman Legends Definitive Edition and Steep will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The publisher did note that these are just the first titles going to the Switch and that other new titles would be announced at a later date.

With Just Dance 2017, Ubisoft notes that via the Joy-Con Controllers you can have a very open experience with up to six players dancing at once. All of these titles, including Rayman Legends and Steep, will make use of the Nintendo Switch;’s 6.2-inch tablet handheld variant and the docked experience with the Joy-Con Grip.


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