Google Earth has to be one of my and chances are one of your favorite applications or rather experiences from the technology giant. I say experience as Google Earth can take you on an adventure and truly makes the world seem a little more accessible. Well, we now have the new Google Earth which keeps the classic features and adds in a few awesome new ones.

For 2017, Google is bringing in several partners who have helped to create experiences within Google Earth. This new feature is called Voyager, and they are interactive stories, they remind me of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books. Voyager is found right in the menu of Google Earth, and you can choose from several that are found under specific categories. These stories have been crafted from brands like Sesame Street, BBC Earth, the Jane Goodall Institute, and many others. Building off of these interactive stories are Knowledge Cards which give you the full story on classic locations around the world. These descriptions can be found for countries or more specific locations like Mount Everest.

You can find these new locations and learn about them with “I’m Feeling Lucky.” Simply click the dice button, and you will be brought to a random unique location around the globe. These have been curated by the team at Google, and they have a database of over 20,000 sites. But you should expect the unexpected as you won’t be brought to Big Ben in London, but you might get dropped off on Pemba Island, which is off the coast of Swahili. With the new 3D button you can explore these “I’m Feeling Lucky” locations or any place on the map in a gorgeous way.

Last but not least, you can now send Postcards from your mobile device to any other user through a plethora of sources. This is a unique way to share what you have been exploring on Google Earth. It also gives some tangibility to a very virtual location, but it definitely brings a new level of connection with the platform.

The new Google Earth is out now for Android and Chrome on the desktop. It should be launching on iOS and other browsers in the coming months.



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