In 2015 you might remember that Samsung teamed up with Amazon Video to create and distribute HDR content to the masses. And for 2017 the two companies are back at it again, introducing the new HDR10+ Standard which has a goal of enhancing the quality of the content.

This enhancement uses the metadata found in the dynamic range of the video and enhances both the colors and overall contrast. Samsung 2017 UHD TVs all support HDR10+, while it’s 2016 UHD TVs will get it through a firmware update later this year. The biggest feature of HDR10+ would be the ability to adjust the brightness levels on a scene-by-scene or even frame-by-frame basis. By doing this, you get better contrast and depiction of colors, which is more in line with the way the content was made to be viewed.

The one example Samsung provided of this would be that if most of the scenes in a film are mostly shot in bright light, but there is one scene that is dark, that the TV can’t adjust this for. As the current HDR Standard does not change during playback, but with HDR10+ the TV can recognize and fix this on the fly.

Even better, the HDR10+ Standard has taken Hollywood by storm, and it is now the core standard for filming movies and television. This means you can expect to see content that supports HDR10+ soon hitting the market. And yes, Amazon should have videos that have HDR10+ support very soon.


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