Samsung is not just officially launching it’s 2017 QLED TV lineup, but they have a few other devices to announce. Introducing the MS750 Sound+ Soundbar, which has a few unique features. The main appeal of this Sound+ Soundbar would be its excellent compatibility with the new QLED lineup.

In that Samsung is shooting for a one-cord setup, as you can plug the TV power cord into the Soundbar. Theoretically, this should work with any TV, but Samsung would be very happy to see you pair it with a new television. A simple cord setup is not the only feature, Samsung packed 5-channel audio in this relatively small unit.

It should provide a full sound experience for the end-user, meaning you won’t need to get extra speakers or a separate bass unit. Inside the Soundbar are multiple tweeters and deep mid-range speakers. Samsung’s MS750 Sound+ Soundbar can sit below the TV or be mounted at the bottom, thanks to the included kit.

The MS750 Sound+ Soundbar will land this summer for a to be announced price.


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