Sonos is making waves, specifically sound waves, again–They have just introduced the PLAYBASE. Which is a soundbar for TV’s that are not hung on walls and coincidentally this speaker can also act as a booster stand. The PLAYBASE will be landing on April 4th, 2017 for $699 in both white and black.

This is the thinnest speaker that Sonos has ever made coming at just 58 millimeters, but it packs a punch like most of their products. Ten drives, three tweets, and one subwoofer are found inside. This means it will work for both movies and television shows, but can also blast out the tunes.

The PLAYBASE design is quite high-end as it is built out of a single piece of granite. Surrounding the PLAYBASE on the outside is a layer of polycarbonate which acts an insulator and gives it a smooth finish. The top has over 40,000 holes that let the sound escapes. However, they are hard to see, and the design is flush all around with no seals. Setup is super simple as there are just two ports on the back– one for power and one for optical. It can connect with the entire Sonos system as well, meaning it can complete a home theater setup.

As with any Sonos device, it can be controlled, quite precisely, through the dedicated application. Dedicated modes like one for night-time, will lower the base during the evening hours. While the application also has preset scenes that can customize the sound for what is being played. If you choose to your PLAYBASE as a speaker for music, it can connect with several streaming platforms.

Last but not least, since the PLAYBASE is soundbar for TV’s that are not hung, it can support up to a 77 pound TV. Sonos is also making a stand for the PLAYBASE that allows the unit and the TV can be spun or angled; this will ship around the time of launch for $149. Sonos will be taking pre-orders for the PLAYBASE, and it will land on April 4th, 2017.


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