Amazon’s marketing product naming team is on a roll, as the biggest feature of the just announced Echo Show is a 7-inch display, which in turn does mean that Alexa can now show you things. Just a few weeks after Amazon unveiled the Echo Look, another new member of the Echo family has arrived.

Moreover, the Echo Show represents months of leaks and rumors leading up to a visual smart speaker hitting the market. It also comes in advance of Apple’s WWDC conference in which the Cupertino CA-based company is expected to unveil a Siri smart speaker with a screen. The Echo Show comes in with a higher price tag of $230 and looks a bit like a TV for your kitchen.

It is larger than other Echo’s but still relatively light at 41-ounces, and it packs a 7-inch touchscreen display. It is powered by an Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor and is running a custom OS, it might be called Alexa, but they have not confirmed this. Amazon has placed plenty of connectivity inside as well with Bluetooth and dual-band WiFi for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz network onboard. Dual 2 inch stereo speakers will be powering the music and audio experience as well; these sit under the display.

Amazon is making use of that screen, they will now offer a video flash briefing of news, and there will be graphics for almost all requests. It links up with YouTube, Amazon Video, and other services so you can watch them on the Echo Show. Like other Echo’s it can control your smart home, and if you have a camera for monitoring, chances are you can view the feed on the Echo Show. The biggest feature is that you can video call between Echo Shows or voice call between Amazon Echo’s, we will have more details on this new feature soon.

Pre-orders for the Echo Show start today from–You can get the device in either black or white for $229. Amazon says the Echo Show will launch on June 28th, so in just under two months these will be hitting doorsteps.


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