It’s been a big year for Atari, with the announcement of their first home console since the Atari Jaguar, which released 23 years ago. If that wasn’t enough, the company’s logo has been spotted in the first trailer for Dennis Villeneuve’s upcoming film Blade Runner 2049, a sequel to the classic Ridley Scott film Blade Runner from 1982 (a film which also featured some Atari logos). And there’s still more.

Today Atari has announced a partnership with NECA and Audiowear to produce a limited edition Speakerhat. The hat will be released as a tie-in with Blade Runner 2049 as a product that, as the press release says, “blurs the line between fashion and future”.

The hat will feature the iconic Atari logo and bluetooth speakers, developed by Audiowear, which will be in the underside of the hat’s bill.

Despite these speakerhats being available in a limited supply and only as a promotional product for the film, Atari does plan on continuing to develop wearable technology. The “Atari Connected Life” initiative does not feature any other products so far and no hints have been provided as to what may be coming up next from the company that revolutionized technology 40 years ago with the release of the Atari Video Computer System, better known today as the 2600. It may just be possible that Atari could revolutionize the world of fashion just the same.


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