M3D has a solid line of consumer-based 3D printing products, but today they are entering a larger industry, the industrial sector. Even though it can handle bigger builds and projects, it is just a 20-inch cube and is priced at $1,000. Rather than fund it internally, M3D is going the open source track.

The Promega from M3D launches today on the crowdfunding site, FitForLaunch.com, for $1,000. This price is a special pre-order deal; typically the Promega will retail for $3,500. This is not a typical Kickstarter, but rather as orders come in your 3D printer will be made. M3D made sure to pack plenty of features into this printer– It has auto-bed leveling for a clean build, an all-metal design, a dual-zone energy efficient heated platform for curing, a dual-extruder mixing nozzle, and more.

With this extrusion system, you can choose from several nozzles to fit your build the best. This heated bed allows for lower power consumption and for your 3D printed objects to be done sooner. It can connect view WiFi or an Ethernet port; they also offer 7-inch LCD screen that can be used with the Promega. Customers will be happy to know that it comes with a 2-year hardware warranty, a 5-year electronics warranty, and lifetime support. M3D’s Promega starts its open source track today.



  1. Hey Jacob, the pre-order price on this is climbing but have any review copies been sent out? I can’t find a single 3rd party review of this machine anywhere and even the company’s own videos of prints are pretty lacking 🙁

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