Snaps first move into “a camera company” was with the launch of Spectacles. The company’s first hardware that is a pair of sunglasses with cameras built inside. They have a unique look, with two cameras built in above each of the lenses. And they are now available direct from Amazon with Prime shipping.

Snap Inc is selling the Spectacles direct, but is fulfilling the orders. Thus allowing for the quick shipping time, as they are eligible for next day delivery. With Spectacles, you simply record a Snapchat by pushing the button the left-hand side and a circular led light will appear on the front. Spectacles are offered in Coral, Black, and Teal.

Spectacles are available in Coral, Black, and Teal–All for the same price of $129.99. Since Snap Inc launched the Spectacles last year, the price has stayed the same. And it appears that their first hardware entry has not generated much revenue, and it seems that they are an experiment. You can pick up a pair of Spectacles in Black, Coral, or Teal for $129.99 with Prime shipping from Amazon.


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