The Morning Brew is a daily business newsletter that’s goal is to educate and provide insight into the world of business



You might have heard of The Skim, a daily newsletter that is geared to females and provides the news for the day. Imagine a similarly formatted newsletter that is geared for business. Launching just three months ago, is The Morning Brew’s tagline is “your daily fix of everything business” and its fits with who they are designing and editing for.

The main demographics are business students and graduates, who are interested in learning more and gaining insight into the field. The editors at The Morning Brew work to curate the daily news, and sometimes even late breaking news from the day before. They provide small, yet insightful, blurbs or summaries within the newsletter and then link to the articles.

The unique side of The Morning Brew comes near the bottom of the newsletter, and while it doesn’t happen with every issue, they have interviews with business professionals from across the country. In past issues they have spoken with Bob Diener, the founder of, among others.

This is the still the early stages for the newsletter, they have a small team of 12 people. Their end goal includes the education and insightful-ness pieces, but they also want to a build a community of like-minded people. With 5,000 people already subscribed, it seems they are well on their way to that goal.

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