The Galaxy S8 might be announced on March 29

Image courtesy of @evleaks.

This time last week, Samsung was getting ready to announce what made the Galaxy Note 7 explode. The focus was not on future products but rather went wrong with previous ones. And just a few days later our first look at the Galaxy S8 is here courtesy of @evleaks.

The device looks similar to last year’s Galaxy S7 with some slight modifications. For instance, there are no buttons on the front, and the fingerprint sensor is now found on the back next to the camera. Speaking of the camera, it appears top be a similar 12-megapixel lens that should deliver solid performance.

It should come in either a 5.8-inch or 6.2-inch screen size, both at QHD AMOLED resolution. The build appears to be shiny which means it will be a fingerprint magnet as well. Unlike Apple, Samsung is keeping the headphone jack and opting for USB Type-C. The S8 appears to be a bigger device, yes bigger than the S7 and even the Note 7. However, with a familiar design and hardware setup, it should feel at home for most users.

Samsung will not be announcing the Galaxy S8 at Mobile World Congress, but rather at a separate event on March 29. We then expect the device to hit carriers around the world at some point in April.