Samsung finds that bad batteries were behind the Note 7 explosions

Along with a sped up manufacturing time frame for the device.


Samsung has been quiet for too long, to say the least, but tonight the company is coming clean. Earlier they held a press conference to unveil their findings on the Note 7. Put simply, the device was pegged to be a great one but had major battery issues. The culprit was bad batteries, in both the original and recalled units. The other culprit would be a sped up time frame for manufacturing.

The original Note 7’s had a short-circuit in the battery as the upper right-hand corner had a design flaw. Which pushed some of the electrodes on top of each other, thus causing an issue. For the second units of the Note 7, the battery was note welded properly which caused them to short-circuit. Making matters even worse some of the second generation batteries were missing components, like insulation which is 100% needed.

With the first batch, Samsung was working as fast as they could to manufacture the device. A theme that they continued to do with the second generation units that were made after the recall of the original. It seems that this sped up or rushed manufacturing caused issues as well. You can see a full infographic below, that Samsung has released about the Note 7 battery investigation. We will embed the press conference once it is available.