LG has just unveiled an updated Tone Infinim headset ahead of the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. This is the latest version of the Tone Infinim, specifically it is the HBS-910 headset. The latest headset from LG will be landing in February 2016 of the United States and soon after it will be launching in Asia and Europe.

The HBS-910 Tone Infinim headset keeps the benefits from its previous model and brings along some new features. You will find a similar wire retractable function along with Harmon Kardon audio quality still on-board. It has an updated Quad-Layer Speaker Technology which will present the listener with a better balanced sound experience and richer bass along with crisper high notes. Along with improved battery life, the HBS-910 has a new metallic body and comes in several colors.

Lastly, LG is also updating the Tone & Talk companion application for Android with two new features. Voice Memo will let you record conversations and Find Me will help you find lost or misplaced smartphones.

The new LG Tone Infinim headset from LG builds up the around-the-neck wireless category and pushes the experience with new speaker technology. The HBS-910 will be landing in the United States in February of 2016 with pricing coming closer to launch.



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